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Beaphar Nature Rabbit

Beaphar Nature Rabbit
Beaphar Nature Rabbit
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Beaphar Nature Rabbit is a healthy and tasty “all in one� pellet; this ensures your rabbits receive a complete balanced diet without wasting any food. The unique heart-shape has a rough, fibrous structure which encourages the natural wear of teeth. A natural food that is designed to specifically target the nutritional requirements of rabbits. Cereal free, the pellets are naturally flavoured with oregano, chicory and apple, making them irresistible! Whats in it? Formulated with 65 Timothy 201, and 30 different herbs & grasses. Beaphar Nature provides a varied diet with all the vitamins and minerals rabbits need. Also contains inulin to help optimise intestinal function and Yucca Shidigera to minimise stool odour. Free from all artificial colourings, flavourings and added sugars.

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