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Laughing Dog Grain Free Mixer

Laughing Dog Grain Free Mixer
Laughing Dog Grain Free Mixer
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  • Weight: 1.52kg
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  • Size: 1.5kg
Traditionally oven baked hypoallergenic meal, ideal for Barf Diets and dogs with sensitive tummies. Also includes the folowing: Rosehip: A natural antioxidant source for a healthy immune system Peppermint: A digestive aid that helps keep breath fresh and friendly Liquorice Root:A known detoxifier with anti inflammatory properties Milk Thistle:Aids in cleansing lymphatic system and supports liver function Devils Claw:An aid in the maintenance of healthy joints and bones Analytical constituents: Protein 6.5 , Crude Fibre 10.5 , Fat Content 7 , Crude Ash 4.5 Composition: Sweet Potato, Potato Granules, Pea Fibre, Sweet Potato Starch, Linseed, Vegetable Oil, Carrot Powder, Cellulose Fibre, Botanical Herbs (0.5) (includes Rosehip, Liquorice Root, Peppermint, Devils Claw, Milk Thistle).

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