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Four Paws Catnip Scratch Post

Four Paws Catnip Scratch Post
Four Paws Catnip Scratch Post
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Single Catnip Scratching Post contains organically grown catnip to attract cats and kittens. Our Super Catnip Scratching Posts are reversible, for double the life of the product. Enclosed in each is a 0.75 oz bag of catnip for your cat's added enjoyment. Keeping your cat's claws in check is very important. Cats have a need to sharpen and wear down their claws and if you don't provide them with a toy on which to do this, you may find the resultant scratches on your furniture! This scratching post has been infused with catnip to attract the attention of your cat. Catnip is a natural cat attractant and is scientifically proven to entice around 70 of cats over the age of 8 weeks. Can be hung from a door knob or laid flat.

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