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Cool Blue Moon Lamp 15 Watt

Cool Blue Moon Lamp 15 Watt
Cool Blue Moon Lamp 15 Watt
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  • Weight: 0.04kg
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  • Size: 6.5"
Through lighting technology Interpet have made your choice easy to ensure you select the correct light for your display. The type of tube, and its age, has a big effect on the health and appearance of your aquarium. Poor or incorrect lighting can reduce plant and coral health, this will create a poorer aquarium environment leading to poorer fish health, and a dull looking aquarium. Plants and corals in aquariums require light as their primary food source, without effective lighting these will fail and die. - Blue Moonlight the actinic output provides stunning night time view of an aquarium and observing nocturnal fish. Replacement 15 watt fluorescent bulb for interpet aquariums. Fluorescent bulbs should be replaced every 12 months as their effective performance diminishes over time. Size: 165mm (6.5in) x 21mm (0.84in)

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